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Next training camp: 5th - 8th April 2007. Limerick, Ireland.

Donie McNamara

March 2007

Eliza does it!

On March 11th I took Eliza to our first competition together at the Yorkshire Riding Centre affiliated dressage.

In the first test, Novice 25 (Open) we did OK but made a couple of mistakes so I was delighted to come 2nd. The next test was E41 and I was determined to do better.

Eliza was great - she is so active and goes in a natural correct outline so I can concentrate on getting the movements right.

We scored a fantastic 68.4% - my highest ever score in BD competitions.


I was really pleased to come 4th and the judges comments were very encouraging for the future. We scored a 9 for our entry and first halt as well as 8s for free walk, paces and submission.

Next competition will be the Para World Championship qualifier at Northern Equestrian on 23rd March where I will take both horses to ride in the Grade III class. I hope it doesn't get cancelled this time!

*UPDATE: I came 1st on Indi and 2nd on Eliza - ahead of WC Potential Squad rider, David Herron. See full results from 23rd March .

I am then planning to attend Vale View on 25th March to ride in the Kur and E44 at the Para Winter Championships.

*UPDATE: I was 2nd (Indi) and 3rd (Eliza) in E44 and and 3rd in the Kur on Eliza. See results of the Para Winter Championship classes here.

Paralympic Council of Ireland Training Camp

The first multisport camp of the year is on 5th-8th April in Limerick.  All athletes on the official PCI panels have been invited and it is a great opportunity for all the athletes to get together. 

The main events at this camp include:

I am planning to take both horses and there will be a couple of extra days training for the riders following the official training camp, so we will have nearly a week of intensive training.

Following the training I aim to compete in the Para World Championship qualifier at Vale View on 15th April.

New Home for Winnie

Winnie has gone to a new home with young rider Leanne Howe. They get on really well and we wish Leanne and Winnie every success for the future in BD, BYRDS and U21s competitions. I'm sure they'll do well.

Winnie and Leanne

Winnie Win and Leanne

Leanne and Winnie

Article on the Pacific Rim Paralympic Qualifier, Canada 2006

I recently found an interesting article on the internet by Physical Therapy student, Kerri Sowers, on her experiences of accompanying the US para equestrian team and Irish rider James Dwyer to the Pacific Rim paralympic qualifier in September 2006.

As a dressage rider who is training to be a therapist she jumped at the chance to attend the competition as a groom. Click here to read the full article.



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