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Sponsorship Opportunities

It can be very expensive to compete at National and International level with two horses. Any help with finances, clothing or equipment would be greatly appreciated. I hope to represent Ireland at two international competitions in 2007, including the World Championships, and I would like to find a main sponsor that could support me financially in my quest to ride at the 2008 Paralympics.

Me and my family are constantly fundraising as well as seeking sponsorship to ensure I can continue to train and compete at top level. Here are some ideas on fundraising.

Why not buy an advert on my website?

Prices from £60 for 6 months or £100 for the year.
(please e-mail me for further details)

What's in it for You?

In return, your company logo and a link to your website can be featured on my website, and your company will be mentioned in my press releases.

We are currently promoting the site and expect to achieve top listings on the major search engines, to ensure a steady flow of traffic. The News and Results sections of this website are updated regularly to encourage people to return to find out all my latest news.

Search engine optimisation will also be supported by an integrated PR programme that will direct people to this website. Press releases and competition results will be circulated to the local and national press, as well as specialist dressage and equestrian magazines. As a sponsor, you will also be featured in all press releases.

I regularly appear in local papers and national equestrian magazines and websites.

If you are interested in sponsoring me and my horses, please get in touch.

Contact me

Kathryn Wheelock
Binns Lane Farm
Binns Lane
North Yorkshire
BD20 8JJ

Daytime Tel: 01756 700802
Evening Tel: 01535 636008



Recent Sponsorship

Personal Best

Louise Broom of Personal Best rider performance and physio has agreed to provide me with physio sessions. I have known Louise since I bought my first dressage pony, George, from her many years ago. Personal Best is a new venture and she has invested in a fabulous mechanical horse (called George!) and some very smart for analysing rider position with a view to improving performance.




wormers-direct.co.uk have very kindly provided wormers for both my horses. Wormers-direct.co.uk is run by feed merchant, Bardsey Mills, based in Horsforth, and is their online store for pet and equine wormers. It also offers independent advice on worming programmes, and is very informative.

Cravenbale Haylage

Many thanks to David Coates of Cravenbale Haylage based at Coniston Cold near Skipton. David has agreed to provide Indi with all his haylage until the World Championships at Hartpury in July 2007. This will cut our feed bills considerably and his support is very much appreciated. Click here for more information on Cravenbale Haylage or contact David on 01756 749300 or 07754 834756.

Cravenbale Haylage

November 2006

WCF Country Centres

WCF Country Centres have again agreed to provide my horses with 50 bags of feed over the next year. This means that Winnie and Indi will continue to enjoy their Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix. Many thanks to Stewart Stamper, WCF's Equestrian Products Advisor, for arranging this with our local store in Skipton.

November 2006

Horseware Ireland

We first met Brian Pullen, our local Horseware representative, last year thanks to Sharon, the former owner of The Tack Rack saddlery in Crosshills. Since then he has been one of my keenest supporters. Earlier this year, he arranged for my horses to receive Horseware fleeces in the Irish colours - green bound with white and orange. These arrived just in time for the GB International at Hartpury.

More recently Winnie and Indi have received Horseware turnout rugs to keep them warm throughout the winter.

Horseware Rhino and Wug

Winnie and Indi in their new Horseware rugs - before they rolled!

I would like to thank Laura Cackett of Horseware Ireland for the generous support they have provided so far. I hope it will continue into 2007. My family have used Horseware rugs for nearly 20 years and we think they are the best rugs you can buy!

Visit the Horseware website to see news of Indi and me in Belgium.

November 2006

John Whitaker International

When I found out I would definitley be riding for Ireland I realised I would need a green jacket to wear at internationals. I researched the market and found that the best green jackets were available from John Whitaker International (JWI).

Ginette Brogan the MD of JWI aranged to provide me with a jacket in time for the GB international at Hartpury and I felt very proud to be allowed to wear the 'green jacket' which is so strongly associated with Irish international riders.

Green JAcket from JWI

In 2007, JWI will be providing me with more riding clothes, and equipment for my horses. Although they specialise in clothing and equipment for showjumpers, they have lots of products that are also very suitable for the dressage horse and rider. They are a truly international company exporting to all corners of the world, and I am very proud to be associated with the name of one of Yorkshire's best known horsemen.

October 2006

WOW Saddles

Thank you to First Thought Equine Ltd and saddle fitter Elaine Farrant for providing me with a WOW saddle at a very reduced price!


These saddles are great becasue the panels are filled with air and it helps to reduce pressure points on the horse's back. The air-filled panels can also help to reduce any unevenness in the rider's position - which I have found very useful.

WOW saddle

September 2006

Stuart Shopfitting

Many thanks to Stuart Shopfitting of Morley, Leeds for their generous doantion of £250. This will be used to help pay for further training for me and my horses.

Stuart Shopfitting

April 2006

WW Spooner Charitable Trust

For another year, I would like to thank the WW Spooner Charitable Trust for supporting me with a generous grant of £500 towards training and competition costs.


Matchmakers International

I would like to say a big thank you to Richard Lawrence, sales & marketing manager at Matchmakers International Ltd, for providing me with a number of items from their ranges of Harry Hall clothing, Masta rugs and Cottage Craft equipment in April 2005.


As always, I'm trying to gain sponsorship, so I approached Matchmakers who are one of the leading equestrian companies, and are based in Bradford, near where I live. They were happy to provide their support by donating rugs, clothing and equipment. Their products are great and I really appreciate their help.

Here's a pic of me collecting a pair of jodhpur boots from Richard Lawrence, and getting a sneak preview of the Harry Hall Autumn collection! I was also given one of their excellent Cottage Craft white saddle cloths, some white Harry Hall Ascot breeches and a pair of rounded end spurs, all ideal for when I'm competing.

Visit www.harryhall.co.uk and you will be able to access all their fantastic products.

Manning Stainton Spain

Manning Stainton

In June/July 2004, Estate Agents Manning Stainton Spain, that specialise in finding Spanish properties gave me £400 towards travel and training for my trip to Madrid. See below for a picture of me with the staff from the Manning Stainton Spain office in Leeds.

Building Links with Skipton Properties


Skipton Properties, a leading property developer based in Crosshills has recently provided £500 towards travel to international competitions. Here's a photo of me and George being presented with an extra-large cheque by Sarah Verity, Marketing Manager at Skipton Properties. In June 2005, I was very pleased to hear that Skipton Properties had agreed to support me for a further year.

Airedale Horsemills


Frank Jones, of Crosshills-based Airedale Fabrications, has agreed to provide regular financial support to me and my horses. He developed an equine treadmill for getting his horses fit during the dark winter months, and this is now manufactured by his company. Visit the website at www.horsemill.co.uk for further details. In return for Frank's support, we are advertising the treadmills on our horsebox. Frank has horses of his own and competes in dressage.



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