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I have three fantastic horses to compete on - my old faithful schoolmaster, Indi and my younger horse, Taurus III and from May 2010, Westpoint First of Many is on lease to me from the Palmer family.

Westpoint First of Many


Photo courtesy of Kevin Sparrow

Description: 15.3 bay gelding
Age: 12 (born 1998)
Breeding: British Warmblood by Fulton
BD Points: 100+
Level: Medium
Likes: Food - and more food!
Dislikes: Nothing - he's very laid back


Interesting facts about Westpoint First of Many


Taurus III

Taurus III

Taurus III

Description: 15.1 black gelding
Age:10 (born 2000)
Breeding: Dutch bred. By Havidoff.
BD Points: 100+
Level: Elementary
Likes: Most things - he's a very happy little horse
Dislikes: Spooky arenas!

Taurus III

Interesting facts about Taurus III




Description: 14.3 bay gelding
Age: 17 (Born 1993)
Breeding: Irish bred by Cloughjordan Bo TB.
Thought to be Connemara x TB
BD Points: Lots but he's been downgraded so I can do Elementary tests.
Level: Competed up to advanced medium
Likes: Polos
Dislikes: The only thing he’s not too keen on is large lorries when hacking out.


We met Indi’s owner, Sam Smith (Sargeant), when we enquired about a 5 year old pony she had for sale. She realised that Indi would be more suitable for me than her other pony and offered him on loan, which we gladly accepted. We have since been lucky enough to buy Indi.


Indi is very well trained and has impeccable manners. He always tries hard and is a pleasure to ride and look after. I will be competing in Elementary level tests and a number of Para dressage competitions with Indi in 2008.

Interesting facts about Indi



Description: 15.1 bay mare
Age: 16
Breeding: TB x Dales (Yorkshire Warmblood!!)
BD Points: 70 +
Level: Working medium
Likes: Most things - she's a very easy-going horse who loves to work
Dislikes: Standing in the lorry on her own

Despite not having the typical breeding of a dressage horse, Eliza is very supple, active and forward going and is a pleasure to ride. She has a super temperament and is quick to learn. She was on loan to me from Laura Brittain.

I competed on Eliza in Austria in May/June 2007 and in BD elementary classes. I had her on loan for 6 months before she went back to her owner.

Ruxton Weihnacht (Winnie)

Sadly we decided that Winnie was not the horse for me so she has gone to a new home with young rider Leanne Howe. Winnie is a lovely, talented horse so it was a very tough decision to let her go but I'm sure Leanne and Winnie have a great future together.


Winnie at Stoneleigh


Description: 15.2 chestnut mare
Age: 8
Breeding: Hanoverian by Weltregent. Click here to see Winnie's breeding lines.
BD Points: 45
Level: Elementary
Likes: Being groomed and pampered
Dislikes: Playing out in the field for more than half a day.

Winnie and Hannah

I owned Winnie since October 2004 and my aim was to compete on her at the 2008 Paralympics. She has lovely paces and a very sweet temperament and we all think she is very talented. Hannah Moody helped with her education and qualified her for the BD National Open Novice Championships in 2005.


I bought Winnie from Melanie Phillips of Ruxton Horses.

Interesting facts about Winnie


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