May 2008

New Website launched - www.clipclop.tv

Thought you all might like to hear about a new website that has just been launched where you can upload your horsey video clips and share them with your friends. 

It can also be used for 'Horses for Sale' videos - just add a link to your advert on any sales website such as, Horsequest, Horse and Hound, Horsedeals etc or if you are a bit more technical you can embed videos in your own forum posts or websites.


Visit www.clipclop.tv to join and start uploading your videos.  And best of all IT'S FREE!!!!


Mannheim CPEDI2*, Germany 4- 6 May

The German CPEDI2* Para Equestrian Championship takes place in Mannheim at the beginning of May with around 30 riders from Austria, GB Germany, Poland and Switzerland taking part. With just 2 days of competition, the Championship tests take place on Monday 5th, with Freestyles on the following day.

After Day 1, the German's have managed to dominate the competition, with the Brits hot on their heels in Grade II and Grade III.

Day 2 in Mannheim saw just one 'gold' for Team GB when Simon Laurens won the Grade III Freestyle with a score of 77.778%. Germany's Brita Napel clinched the Grade II with 72.965%, just ahead of Felicity Coulthard from GB.

See the full results as they happen at Hippodata

Para Spring Championships 16 May

I just managed to qualify for the Open section of the Para Spring Championships. The top 20 scores across all grades qualified which means that in general, it was easier for grade Is and IIs to qualify for this Championship. As in the Winter Championships, there was wide variation in the judging across the qualifiers, with some judges being far more generous than others.

I am looking forward to the Final at Weston Lawns on 16th May as it will be a good practice for my next international, as there are not many opportunities to ride the Championship Test in competition.

Indi worked in really well but bucked and changed legs in the medium canter dropping me down to a 4 from all 3 judges on this move. The marks were very close and without this mistake I might even have won the class.... in the end I came 3rd. Better luck next time!


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