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November 2008

7th Nov - Physio treatment

Victoria Spalding came out in early November to provide Trev and Indi with their regular physio. We have known her since she was in Pony Club and now she is physio to the Team GB horses.

Trev didn't have too much wrong and seemed to enjoy the attention, especially the massage! Victoria suggested some polework might be a good way to strenghten Trev and encourage him to pick his feet up better behind, as he does have a tendency to drag his toes.

Indi's back was less sore than at previous treatments, indicating that I am sitting much straighter which is good. However, he was a little stiff down one of his hamstrings so Victoria suggested some stretching exercises and reminded us to always make sure he was given plenty of time to warm up and cool down, now that he is getting a bit older.

Both horses just needed the weekend off before starting work again and Indi is scheduled for a follow up visit in Feb 09.

22th Nov - Clinic and Dressage Demo with Hannah and Becky Moody

I took Trev to a clinic at Northallerton EC and had a lesson with Hannah. He behaved really well despite the freezing conditions and 'scary' jump wings in the corner of the indoor school. I am trying to take him to as many different venues as possible so that when we are competing he will not get distracted. It was good to take him on his own so that he isn't always used to travelling with his friend, Indi. Hannah seemed pleased with the progress me and Trev had made since she last saw him.

Later, Hannah and Becky presented a dressage demo, in aid of Yorkshire & Cleveland RDA. Hannah. Becky and some of their pupils rode a variety of horses from youngsters right through to Becky's top horse, High Fashion, and schoolmaster, Kwad, to demostrate the different levels of training.

It was an excellent evening and it was really good to see a wide range of horses, some clearly bred for dressage and other more 'ordinary' horses, all performing to high standards through correct training tailored to each horse.

29th Nov - Sponsorship News

I would just like to say a big thank you to all my sponsors/supporters, but especially for recent help from the following:

Many thanks Horseware Ireland for the two new Amigo heavyweight outdoor rugs they have provided recently for Indi and Trev.


The rugs are black with a white binding so, being a black horse, Trevor looks very smart in his!



Also, many thanks to Bradford-based Matchmakers who have yet again agreed to provide me with a 'wish list' full of Harry Hall riding clothing and equipment, including Masta stable rugs.

Harry Hall

Masta rug

I'm wearing a new 'Elite' riding hat and 'Ribble' jacket from Harry Hall,
while Indi and Trev are modelling their new Masta 'Regal' stable rugs

Masta rugsMasta


Not forgetting John Whitaker International who keep me supplied with white competition breeches. I have been wearing JWI breeches for some time now, and I can honestly say they are really comfortable - and they wash really well - very important for white dressage breeches!


And finally, my horses are very grateful to WCF Country Centres for providing their horse feed and to David Coates of Cravenbale who provide them with haylage.

WCF Country Centres



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