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February 2009

Richmond EC Para Winter Qualifier - 1st Feb 09

Me and my horses are spending 2 weeks with Sue in preparation for the Winter Qualifiers at Richmond and Vale View (which was postponed to 8th March!). With all the recent bad weather it has made such a difference to be able to ride every day in Sue's indoor school.

Anyway, we set off to Richmond on Sunday 1st Feb with 2 horses, under the threat of snow blizzards - luckily they held off until we were well on the way home!

Trev worked in really well in the indoor for Novice 25 but when we came outside to do our test I think the freezing cold air sparked him up. However, he managed to behave himself and produced a test with some excellent medium trot (8s) and some rather onward bound canter! He was 3rd and I was pleased with him.

Then I rode Indi in the Elem 42. The class was running late but I just kept him moving quietly until it was my turn. He did a good test but managed to do a flying change (show off!) instead of one of the counter canters, but still won the Open section and was 2nd overall.

I was supposed to be on again with Indi in Grade III at 5pm, but because of the threat of snow I decided to withdraw Trev and ride Indi in Trev's time at 4pm - which meant we could leave an hour earlier. I was first in and did a good test to win with 68.84% which means I have qualified for the Winter Champs.

Gerry (Savage) nearly didn't make it as the electric ramp on her lorry was playing up but she managed to get there and did the best test I have ever seen her ride. She scored a massive 75.88% in the Grade Ia class. Gerry is also trained by Sue now and their hard work is really starting to pay off.

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Physio Treatment for Indi

Indi was due for his physio in mid-Feb following his treatment at the end of 2008. Equine physiotherapist Victoria Spalding was pleased with his progress - we now have to do excercises before I ride, involving stretching his 'hamstrings' and we have to be careful to warm up slowly with plenty of walking.

Victoria turned him in tight circles to check for any stiffness and also saw him trotted up and on the lunge.

V Spalding horse physioVictoria Spalding

He really enjoyed his massage! He seems much softer to ride now that he is receiving regular physio treatments. Victoria has been kind to enough to provide me with free treatments for both horses as a form of sponsorship - so THANK YOU Victoria!

Horse PhysioVictoria and Indi

Indi is now booked in for his next 'MOT' after the competition in Belgium in April.

Aintree EC Winter Qualifier - 25th Feb 09

I took Trev and Indi to Aintree EC near Liverpool for the Para Winter Qualifier. They have a lovely new indoor school and indoor working-in area but I was a bit worried Trev might find the arena a bit spooky.

However, he behaved really well and he learnt alot and is really starting to settle. My marks from the day don't really reflect what a successful day it was in terms of Trev's progress - we were all really pleased with him and he looked gorgeous - he's finally starting to develop some muscle.

Trevor at Aintree

Photo courtesy of Emerald Photos

I came 2nd on Indi and 3rd on Trev, but had luckily already qualified for the Winter Champs at Richmond.



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