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Dressage Diagrams

November 2009

Test riding clinic with Chris Porterfield

Para rider Alex McNamara organised a test riding clinic at Laughton Manor on 5th November with FEI judge Chris Porterfield, so I decided to go and get some tips on riding the new FEI tests. I attended the BD para seminar which focused on the new tests and found it very useful. I had already started working on learning the new moves on Indi so decided to take him to the clinic.

It was supposed to be just a 1/2 hour lesson, but as only a few people booked in, I got a good hour with Chris, and found her really helpful. We went through all the moves and Chris gave me advice on moves such as the free walk, collected trot, shoulder in and turn on the haunches. She was impressed with how well both myself and Alex were already riding this move. Although it's fairly basic it's easy to get wrong.

Although it ended up being a 3 hour journey each way, with chronic traffic, it was well worth it. Indi is going really well at the moment and is working softly in his snaffle with drop noseband. I'm looking forward to next year when we start using the new tests for competition.

Goodbye to an old friend

Prel as a foal

Prelude with her mum, Princess of Rookes

On 9th November it was time to say goodbye to one of our favourite ever horses. My sister, Ali, had owned Prelude for 21years, and had enjoyed, Pony Club, hunting, ODEs and dressage on her, and bred a foal (Harry), but now it was time to make the hardest decision ever.


Prelude, by Gracious Melody

Prel had been badly lame for about a week and we all thought it was just an abscess in her foot. However, when Mark the farrier came, he couldn't find anything so it was time to call the vet. She used hoof testers, then nerve blocked the foot and it soon became clear the problem was elsewhere.

Warwickshire Hunt hunter trials

Eventually, the vet found that her shoulder was very painful and we came to the conclusion she must have fallen in the field and either broken a bone, or damaged the ligaments very badly. We decided to keep her comfortable on bute over the weekend and see if there was any improvement by Monday.

Mickley ODE

Monday came and if anything Prelude had got slightly worse. Ali made the decision. We will miss Prel, as will all the horses, but her last day was bright and sunny with blue sky, and we have lots of photos to remember one of the best, most beautiful horses ever.

Prel and Harry meet Holly the cat

When Harry met Holly (the cat)

New FEI para tests on www.dressagediagrams.com

All para riders out there will be probably be interested to hear that www.dressagediagrams.com have just added all the new 2010 FEI para tests to their website. To help riders with a more visual learning style, Dressage Diagrams offers dressage tests in a diagram form. Each step of the test is shown as a map of the dressage arena with the required movements on it - a kind of route map.

It's also brilliant for designing your freestyle. You can build a complete dressage test and the website automatically generates the diagram as you go along. This interactive tool is really good and I would definitely recommend it.

If you like the sound if this, why not sign up for a FREE TRIAL. If you like it, you might decide to subscribe, which starts from just £5.

Visit www.dressagediagrams.com

My fundraising calendar 2010

2010 Calendar

In a bid to raise funds towards training and travel etc I have had a calendar printed, featuring photographs of Yorkshire landscapes, trees, flowers and animals from around where I live.

My friend Pauline Greenough is a fantastic amateur photographer (good enough to be professional) and she has donated all the photos for the calendar.

They will make great Christmas presents, and more details of prices and how to buy will be available here soon. Or contact me by email.

LATEST NEWS: The calendar costs £8 and comes with 4 FREE notecards featuring birds and butterflies, or you can buy two calendars and 8 notecards for £15.



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