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Dressage Diagrams

March 2010

Training, training and more training!!!

I have been working really hard towards the competition in Belgium in April. Ali has been lunging both Indsi and Trev to help improve their fitness, and Indi spent a week at Sue's to gret him sharpened up a bit. Then I wwnt over to Sue's and she helped me to improve my medium trot and shoulder in - when you have co-ordination problems and one side of your body weaker than the other, lateral work if VERY difficult!

I knew I wasn't going to be able to take the horses to Ireland for the pre-Belgium training session so we asked Donie to come over for a couple of days to train me at home - with budget flights, this proved so much cheaper than trailing the horsebox over to Limerick - and a lot less time consuming. It was still tiring though as I packed 3 lessons into 1 1/2 days - I was on my knees by the end but Indi was going really well andDonie was pleased with him.

I also changed my kur music, although the floor pattern stayed almost the same, but with shoulder in added as it takes me ages to find my way round a new test.



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